Plan Bleu

Over the last 30 years or more, as the international community has become more aware of environmental issues, the European Community and the 21 countries bordering the Mediterranean have developed a system of regional environmental cooperation within the framework of the United Nations Environment Program’s (UNEP) Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP).

Plan Bleu is one of the parties involved in this cooperation. Its job is to inform and educate decision-makers and other parties on environmental risks and the challenges of sustainable development in the Mediterranean region, as well as to draw up plans for the future so as to clarify decision-making processes.

Plan Bleu has four main strategic objectives that underpin all its activities. These are:

  • to continually identify, collate and process environmental, economic and social information that might be of use to decision-makers and other parties;
  • to evaluate the links between the environment and economic and social development in order to measure progress towards sustainable development;
  • to carry out prospective studies and analysis to help build visions of the future and to reassure decision-makers;
  • to distribute and market the products and results of these studies in an appropriate manner for the target audience.