The Office of Economic Cooperation for the Mediterranean and Middle East (OCEMO) seeks to generate constructive dialogue between the various economic players in the region, and to consolidate regional prospects by focussing its work, action and projects on challenges for the future, such as young people, employment and entrepreneurship.

As a coordinator of international cooperation venues in Marseille and a network of networks, OCEMO proposes a series of meetings around Euro-Mediterranean themes, which highlight the specific features of the countries represented in Marseille.

These Mediterranean debates are relaxed events around a cup of coffee, for discovering various aspects from the Mediterranean region. They are organised in partnership with institutions from the countries represented in Marseille, and each debate is dedicated to one country in particular.

Agenda of the Mediterranean debates-Cafés

16th of April 2016,

Villa Valmer, France

Cyprus, advanced platform for Mediterranean cooperation

OCEMO, French-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Cypriot Consulate of Marseille

14th of December 2015 8.30am to 11.30am,

Villa Valmer, France

Between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Turkey at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Area


17th of November 2014, 9am to 1:30pm

Villa Valmer

“The Mediterranean, a paradoxical sea” Meeting with Adalberto ALVES



Download all documents relating to OCEMO’s Mediterranean debates-Café (iconography, PDF, reports…)


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