The MedNC Network is on the rise

Managed by OCEMO in partnership with the Ecole de la Deuxième Chance (Second Chance School) in Marseille, the Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency), the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region and certified by the Union pour la Méditerranée (Union in the Mediterranean), the MedNC Network programme is made up of a network of plans and ideas to get people back into the world of work, aimed at supporting young Mediterraneans gain access the job market. Since starting in 2012, it has been making headway and has already had some encouraging results.

In the three coming months, MedNC Network intends furthering this by solidifying several promising leads. “MedNC currently has six partnership countries: France, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Spain. Our aim is to widen our network, especially on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. Discussions are being had with Lebanon and Jordan as we speak” explains Pierre Massis, managing director of OCEMO.

These past months, the Network has strengthened considerably in Tunisia. “In 2017, 120 young people should benefit from the MedNC Network’s help and support compared to only 23 in 2015. Moreover, three new establishments have agreed to join: the ISCAE, the Tunis ISG and the Charguia ISET. 40 local companies are already involved in the project” Myriam Mesbah, head of the youth programme at OCEMO, is delighted to report. Furthermore, in 2015 the success rate in Tunisia came close to 70%.

Another project making headway - MedNC Network is going to start a Network certification process with the financial backing of the Union pour la Méditerranée. This seal of approval guarantees the seriousness of the procedure and the application of good working methods.

 All of the MedNC partners will come together on the 5th and 6th of December, most probably in Tunisia, to exchange, share their experiences and make their partnerships go even further.

 Between now and 2019, the MedNC programme should have helped 5000 unemployed young people, 60% of whom being women.

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