Nowadays, public authorities have the necessary techniques, methods and management tools to take on multiple challenges. Public management enables them to meet specific needs in terms of mastering managerial tools, and it also aims to fill what is a clear void in terms of executives in roles related to the management and development of these authorities.

Public administration has changed gradually over the years. Its constituent bodies now need a new breed of manager who is able to meet the dem ands of regions and markets while retaining an ethical approach to managing public assets.

As a management science, public management is a blend of entry methods for different functions (finance, HR, public law, IT systems, communication, marketing, strategy, etc.) and the specific areas of public-sector life (health, society, environment, quality, culture, general administration, etc.).

IMPGT students are therefore groomed for roles in the public sector. Graduates may join a company operating in the public sector, an association, a hospital or, more generally, a national or regional government organisation.