Finances et Conseil Méditerranée

Finances et Conseil Méditerranée (FCM) was made a designated Prides (regional business association for innovation and economic development) by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) regional authorities in July 2008. Operational since January 2009, it is an innovative network comprising bankers, lawyers, accountants, auditors, educational bodies and private-financing organisations based in the PACA region and North Africa (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya).

FCM uses its network of experts to act as an interface between SMEs and the worlds of finance and consultancy, thereby responding to the needs of Prides and the PACA region.

FCM’s strategy involves getting three different groups of people working together :banks and other financing organisations; legal, accounting and consultancy professionals; and educational and training bodies.

These three groups combine to form an excellent platform of services for the region’s SMEs that need support, training or financing, or that have chosen to exp and in the Mediterranean area.