Promoting economic investment from diasporas

The regional seminar to be held in Beirut, Lebanon, on 1 and 2 June is set to be a central event for the MedGeneration initiative and will bring together high-level representatives and talent from the diaspora of the Euro-Mediterranean region. The goal is to lay the foundations for new public policies that promote economic investment from diasporas.

Séminaire régional Medgeneration

MedGeneration was launched in December 2013 by ANIMA and its partners as an ambitious programme aimed at implementing development strategies that facilitate investment from economic diasporas in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. “Members of these diasporas have a strong cultural, political, economic and civic connection with their countries of origin. These special ties make it easier for them to invest financially,” explains Mathias Fillon, MedGeneration Coordinator. “MedGeneration is a focussed and pragmatic programme. In 2015, we organised 23 events such as research trips, seminars, meetings and workshops involving a total of 900 people. We also produced guides and policy recommendations aimed at encouraging the implementation of public policies which promote investment from diasporas.”

MedGeneration intends to establish long-term business relationships between members of the diasporas and local players, and structure a service offering in countries of origin that will be capable of supporting expatriate talent and their projects over the long term. 2016 is set to include: research trips for the diaspora, business meetings, training courses and mentoring for young entrepreneurs from a more experienced diaspora peer.

This third high-level regional seminar on investment from economic diasporas will provide a context for diaspora talent, politicians, experts, investment agencies and non-profits to meet. It will serve as an opportunity to present successful business models, share best practice and discuss specific measures for encouraging the engagement of economic diasporas. Following this event, a white paper covering on-the-ground practices will be given to the authorities with the goal of continuing a “pro-diaspora” approach and setting a Euro-Mediterranean strategy to promote investment from diasporas into 2020.